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Sandwiches - Food
Scottsdale Restaurant



Applewood smoked bacon with sliced avocado on toasted sourdough with lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo.

Sides:Fries Fruit Tortilla Chips Tortillas Coleslaw Salad +$2Mac N Chesse +$5Broccolini +$3Mashed Potatoes +$3Soup- CT +$2Soup-TB +$2Soup-BC +$4
Dressing/Sauces:BBQ Beer Mustard Bleu Chesse Chipotle Aioli Coleslaw Creamy Malt Vinegar Ketchup Lemon Anchovy Mayo No Dressing Orange Balsamic Ranch Strawberri Balsamic Yellow Mustard DRESSING ON SIDE!!!
B.L.A.T.:No Applewood Bacon No Avocado No Lettuce No Tomatoes No Mayo Extra Bacon +$3Lettuce Wrap
Meat:Bacon +$3Bacon (BURRITO) +$2BBQ Pork +$5Bison Paty +$8Brisket Chili +$5Buffalo Chicken +$6Burger Paty +$8Chc Tender (Kids) +$2Chicken Breast +$5Chx Tender (Adult) +$4Corn Beef +$4Green Chile Verde Chorizo +$3Ham +$5Pulled Pork +$5Salmon +$7Smoked Chicken +$5