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Brunch - Brunch
Scottsdale Restaurant

Avocado Toast


9 grain bread, smashed avocado, topped with arugula, heirloom clamshell tomato, goat cheese crumbles, and balsamic glaze drizzle

Dressing/Sauces:BBQ Beer Mustard Bleu Chesse Chipotle Aioli Coleslaw Creamy Malt Vinegar Ketchup Lemon Anchovy Mayo No Dressing Orange Balsamic Ranch Strawberri Balsamic Yellow Mustard DRESSING ON SIDE!!!
Extra Dressing:Strawberri Balsamic +$0.50Salad Dressing +$0.50Ranch +$0.50Bleu Chesse +$0.50Orange Balsamic +$0.50Lemon Anchovy +$0.50Creamy Malt Vinegar +$0.50Coleslaw +$0.50Buffalo +$0.50BBQ +$0.50Mango Habanero +$0.50PBC House Aioli +$0.50Chipotle Aioli +$0.50Tangy BBQ +$0.50House Ranch +$0.50House Bleu Cheese +$0.50
Brunch Sides:Side Bacon +$3Side Breakfast Potatos +$3Side Egg +$1.50Side Sausage +$3Side Toast +$2Side Maple Syrup +$0.50Enchilada Style +$3
Avocado Toast:No Bread Sub Lettuce Bed No Arugula No Heirloom Clamshell Tomatoes No Goat Cheese Crumble No Balsamic Glaze Drizzle
Egg:Sunny Over Easy Over Medium Over Hard Scrambled